Highly motivated and passionate about aerial/circus arts and dance, Lena loves sharing her extensive knowledge with her students. Her background includes wide range of physical training in circus arts, dance, physical theatre, yoga etc. She specializes in coaching various levels of vertical apparatus, which include aerial fabric, hammock, rope and aerial yoga, as well as conditioning, strengthening, handstands and stretching techniques. It is very important for Lena to be able to create a fun and safe environment for students, and approach a class with compassion, encouragement and patience.

Lena incorporates dance foundation in her teaching technique. Making sure to break moves down, so students have time and space to understand the foundations of aerial apparatus, before moving on to a next thing, progression by progression. She will guide students through fun dance warm-ups, which prepare body for movement on the floor and in the air, and focus not only on important skills and progressions, but also on the ability of connecting moves together, weaving them with seamless transitions, and learning how to actually dance in the air.



Lena teaches private and semi-private lessons at her home studio and group classes at several studios in Los Angeles, as well as specialty traveling workshops. For inquiries about classes, workshops, rates and enrollment please contact at

You can find Lena teaching ongoing classes at Womack and Bowman Loft, Kinship Studios and UpFlying Yoga, as well as at her private home studio in El Sereno.

Tuesday:      6:30 PM - Level 1 Aerial Hammock at Kinship Studios

Thursday:    6:30 PM - Intermediate Level Aerial Hammock Choreography at Kinship Yoga

Friday:          4:15 PM - Beginners/Intermediate Aerial Silks at UpFlying Yoga

                      5:30 PM - Aerial Hammock Intermediate Choreography at UpFlying Yoga

Saturday:     9:30 AM - Level 1 Aerial Hammock at Kinship Studios

                      11:30 AM - Aerial Intro at The Loft

                      1:00 PM - Silks Intermediate/Advanced at The Loft

Sunday:       10:45 AM - Intro to Silks at Kinship Studios

''I have been taking Lena’s aerial hammock and fabrics classes for about a year and a half. I love that she balances teaching fun shapes and dynamic choreography with building foundations and solid technique. Even though her classes are always challenging, Lena keeps me safe with proper conditioning, attention, and coaching so that I am never pushed beyond my capabilities. I have so much more strength, grace, and confidence, both in class and outside of it, since working with Lena. She is a star inside and out!''
Acacia Hori
''I first began my student experience with Lena at an aerial yoga class.  I liked her concise, clear instruction and the fact that she gave simple moves but offered modifications if we wanted to make a move more challenging.  She definitely excels at managing different ability levels in  a class.  I soon moved into her aerial hammock class, and loved her approach to safety and the way she talks through each step clearly on how to align your body, where your hands should be, how your hips should align, where you should pull up, or the purpose of a specific wrap, and so forth. I often hear her voice in my head as I work through certain moves.  She makes warm-ups fun, and once you have the basics in aerial dance, she always provides challenging moves that keep you growing and progressing.  She also choreographs fun and challenging dances for us to work towards as a group.  I now take hammock and silks classes with Lena, and I love every class with her and have grown in strength, confidence, and ability in just a few months.  I look forward to learning more from her!  She is also a warm, inspiring and fun teacher, who is passionate about aerial arts and dance, and you will find that passion in every class!''
Jennifer Prince
"I have been taking Lena's Aerial Silks and Aerial Hammock classes for more than a year and she is definitely one of my favorite aerial instructors. Not only are her aerial sequences unique and challenging, they flow seamlessly from one trick to another. I have learned so much about the theory surrounding aerial, the various types of wraps, drops, climbs, and inversions. She continuously pushes me to progress further in silks and hammock; assisting, spotting, and talking me through difficult sequences. She always gives modifications when needed to ensure I am learning and safe in her class. And most importantly she continously motivates me to do my best with her constructive feedback and positive energy."
Gloria Anebere