Lena Alani is a highly skilled contemporary/interdisciplinary circus performer, aerialist, choreographer, dancer and coach, based in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Russia, homeland of world-famous dancers and gymnasts, Lena couldn’t help herself from developing deep love and passion for dance, physical theatre and circus arts. All of those wonderful forms of physical expression have influenced her style in the air, powerful and dynamic, yet soft, fluid and graceful.  She is truly an artist with a strong creative vision and a passionate heart, that believes that art in any form is a universal language to communicate emotions, as there is nothing like watching a live performance.

Lena's professional aerial career began in 2012, with the Liquid Sky Entertainment Company, where she performed various acts in the company’s shows and entertainment events all over the Southeast.

Her skills, creativity and artistry earned her a part in an aerial ensemble "CROSSROADS", choreographed by Rain Anya of Paper Doll Militia, which sparked love for aerial theatre. Since then, she continues to be closely involved with the company, working on creative projects and full aerial theatre productions, as well as developing her own work. She has worked with Absolute Entertainment, Imperial Opa Circus, Dream World Cirque, Seattle Moisture Festival, Revolutions International Theatre Festival, New Orleans Fringe Festival etc. Currently she is on tour with Paper Doll Militia, performing their new show "WARPED".

Highly motivated and passionate about aerial/circus arts and dance, Lena loves sharing her extensive knowledge with her students. Her background includes wide range of physical training in circus arts, dance, physical theatre, yoga etc. She specializes in coaching various levels of vertical apparatus, which include aerial fabric, hammock, rope and aerial yoga, as well as conditioning, strengthening, handstands and stretching techniques. It is very important for Lena to be able to create a fun and safe environment for students, and approach a class with compassion, encouragement and patience.

Lena has received teacher trainings from Paper Doll Militia, Up Flying Yoga and Sky Gym School for Circus Arts.

Currently she resides in Los Angeles CA, where she coaches and performs full time.

Lena offers private ans semi private aerial lessons at her home studio in El Sereno and group classes at circus schools in Los Angeles area, as well as traveling workshops.


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